Florist One - Customer Service

May 16, 2022

Jamie Barnett -of US

Anyone ever see that episode of “Curve your enthusiasm” where Larry opens a “Spite Shop”….these people right here.

I requested a change of delivery first thing Monday morning requesting that they deliver anytime on Mon instead of Tues due to a change of schedule. Florist One emailed back prompt at 10:41 saying they were contacting the local florist to make the change which I thanked them. Allegedly the local florist never replied back to them I learned when I finally decided to follow up with them (instead of them following up with me) when I called to ask later towards the evening about the status. The lack effort/follow up on their part doesn't work for me. Do yourself a favor and just go shop your local florist and cut out the middle man.

I placed this review on Google, however coincidentally the review got left on the actual local florists page by my mistake. The small business owner replied saying that they did receive my order, however Florist One never sent the change request although they told me they had blaming it on the small business owner.

“Hi Jamie,

We believe you may have meant to leave the review with florist one? We received your order from them, to fulfill. Unfortunately we did not receive a change of date from them so we are not sure what happened with communications. We are a real local florist brick and mortar in Jonesboro. We would disagree on this 1 star review as this was not in our control. In any case, we just wanted to respond to your review.”