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Jan 24, 2022

Jubilee 7-of US

Where other companies online were all saying not able to deliver until two days later, I went with the more expensive (for a comparable offering) Flowersallover because they had carefully set aside a section of choices that could be delivered same day.
I do not recall seeing any printed information on the site as to a cut off time for the order, nor did the order taker advise me that they, too, could not deliver until Monday.
I was very frustrated not to be able to locate in my email confirmation of my order. (It turns out it was in spam, which I had checked, by the way, but - they had no identifying name of the company, simply "order receipt" - nothing with the word "flowers" in it, so had been difficult to find.
Additionally - when I had spoken with my credit card company to get the name they do business under, and a phone number - I noticed that there was a similar additional charge pending (for a few dollars less), and it turned out to be a second charge pending, tho I had only ordered one item.
Customer service, while they did look up the information, was rather curt and saw nothing wrong with the above matters described.
I would have been OK with things, had they advised me on the phone that it was not posssible to deliver until two days later, but that was not the case.
They also had claimed that I had placed the order too late in the day - however, the time stamp on their email, (which I finally located) indicated otherwise! It should have been delivered.