/ FTD & Teleflora Flowers & Gifts - Update

Jan 24, 2022

Jubilee 7-of US

Well I had posted a previous review, complaining that FlowersAllOver site (which is actually TLF EXotic Flowers in Boston), and feel that at least I can report that the flowers, 2 days late, apparently were well received, as the final recipient of the flowers (the intended recipient had told me when I called her to say the flowers would be arriving, said she was allergic - and not having any information on the order, could not get it cancelled - and, but her neighbor, who it just so happens was having a birthday so we had them take the flowers when they finally arrived, she tells me quite enthusiastically that they were overwhelmingly beautiful.

They just need to train their personnel to be a little more caring - and careful in their communications, both in print, and on the phone - and to make good on their promises.