Forrest General Hospital - Horrible treatment and triage

Mar 24, 2022

Bionca Crumpton-of US

Petal resident and fellow hospital employee 3/24/2022 I accompanied my 15 year old son to the ER for severe chest pains. We arrived there with him being doubled over with pain and with his vital signs abnormal as well. Only to be put in the waiting room that was filthy and unkept and held for 3 hours only to have the ER tech tell me that 8 people are ahead of us and that we could leave... and there's no beds available. I'm not sure what the procedures are but I'm sure that someone needs to be given a lesson in patient care and courtesy... I then went to have a seat and wait another hour, to be told that she would be completely comfortable with letting us go home and follow up with a pediatrician...????????‍♀️ if there was nothing wrong with him, I'm more worried that we're leaving with something we didn't come with...