Forrest General Hospital - ER Visit

Dec 26, 2021

Paige Monnin-of United States

I went in at 7pm on Christmas Day for severe abdominal pain. They spent 2 minutes evaluating me and getting vitals then sent me to labs. At that point, they said there were about 6 people in front of me. After about 3 hours of crying in pain in the waiting room I asked a nurse for a Tylenol. She gave me two, apologized for the wait, and told us she'd keep us updated. I understand that they're understaffed and it's a holiday so I didn't expect her to come back and wasn't upset when she didn't. I was upset because at the 6 hour mark I asked another nurse how many people were in front of me and she said I had 7 people in front of me. In 6 hours of waiting I only had one tech recheck my vitals. No one checked my pain or reevaluated my abdomen. They kept pushing me behind people until we finally left. I drove 10 minutes down the road to another hospital where they found appendicitis within an hour. The second hospital was just as busy but didn't shove patients in a waiting room and forget about them. I've worked in EMS for five years and never would've disregarded my patient like that. Being understaffed is not an excuse for careless mistakes. They didn't even order a scan. My appendix would've ruptured if I waited until they were ready for me at Forrest General.