FrankCrum - PEO Services

Mar 28, 2022

Carol Inman-of US

1. Deduction money from employees paychecks that is incorrect but won't return it

2. Asking you to sign contracts that state in correct practices but then saying they will not do what it says in their internal systems. They still require you to sign it anyway so they can then say "well you signed it"

3.They do not live up to their obligations, answer email, answerphone messages and make multiple excuses as to why they have not gotten back to you

4. they have taken money from employees checks when it should not be removed

5. they state they are customer service oriented but then take advantage and ignore issues

6. I am asking for money back that they incorrectly took from employees pay checks but refuse to answer request and make up excuses.

7. So far they owe at least $3122.31 to employees but that will increase as I do more auditing

8. They have not provided cancellation of our contract steps to be able to collect more illegit money from employees