Fraserway RV - Negligent and terrible customer service!

Apr 27, 2022

leanne thomey-of US

In July of 2021 I had a flood in my trailer. The insurance adjuster decided that the floor needed to be replaced. Insurance accepted a quote from Fraserway Bedford and they picked my trailer up from my park and towed it to their facility in late Oct 2021. Considering that the under belly was open and all the insultation was removed i assumed the work would be completed in the fall of 2021.

I blindly trusted that and did not call fraserway bedford to follow up until Feb 2022. At that time I discovered that the employees of Fraserway Bedford had no idea that my trailer was even on the lot! Clearly the work was not complete, nor am I even sure if it had been winterized as was requested. I had to deal with weeks of calls and lack of information just to find out on April 26th that they did not feel the floor needed to be replaced. Now you imagine my lack of trust in Fraserway Bedford at this point. When I went to see the trailer they wanted my opinion on the floor. THAT IS THIER JOB and if they needed more guidance they should have been in touch with the company that completed the inspection and made the claim in the first place. If the original inspector was not available then another could have followed up with the work. I did very much have my back up with everyone there except one employee who was making suggestions and being proactive for me. She was the only person who offered any type of concern for me as a client. Everyone else wanted to blame an employee that had been fired and no one would take responsibility for the lack of effort, work, or customer service.

As it stands, the last words I heard from the service manager SCOTT was. "HOOK IT UP AND GET IT OUT OF HERE". Taking the advice of my insurance company I reached out to other RV repair places and they are quoting me 2 months before they can complete the repair. SO now I am currently paying for a trailer and a seasonal camping spot that I cannot use.

The customer service that I have received from Fraserway Bedford was not even worth rating and blaming a fired employee is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine if we could all blame our mistakes on past employees. They were negligent with my tailer and with their customer service skills.

I want them to fix my trailer and let me move on as they had promised to do when accepting the job in the first place.