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Mar 09, 2022

Titante E-of US

Do Not buy a system from Frontpoint. I bought a system from them (on a month to month basis)No Contract!. I sold my house about three months after I got the system in 01/2021 and I am still fighting them to leave my money alone in my bank account. I had no idea, other people were having similar issues. I would not recommend them to my worse enemy. What's crazy is the alarm system has been in a box for over a year, not being used and they keeping sending me emails that they will stop monitoring my house. the device is off, in a box under some junk, nothing is being monitored so why should I pay. i told them in April of 2021 to cancel the system because the house was no longer mine and the buyer bought a better alarm system that this junk. Frontpoint is an awful security alarm company.