FurnitureInFashion - S shaped side table white gloss

Jan 17, 2022

Cheryl_2022-of US

Your company lied, deceived and played dirty throughout the time I dealt with you. The last straw was when you promised a full refund for my table but then sent me a partial refund with a substantial delivery fee deducted.

Now you are trying to remove my review from Trustpilot to manipulate your review score. Well that isn't going to happen - I have just submitted this email as evidence of your lies and deception. This goes to show that you can't do business by treating people like this.

Was it really worth £30 to have all this negative publicity over numerous review sites permanently? Think how much business I have cost you.

However, if you do refund me the delivery fee, I will take the reviews down. This is the only way you will get rid of them.

And don't pretend to Trustpilot that you don't know who I am - you know full well and I have all the evidence to prove this - including emails and telephone recordings.