G2G - Scammed Csgo Account Trading | TryHardDota

Feb 28, 2022

Tim Helmholz-of US

3 Times i get scammed from TryHardDota, this guy steal Account and sell it on G2G and does not ensure that these accounts can be retrieved from the right owner.

he want that we safe our Accounts with the Mobile Autentikator?!?!?

That doesnt stand in the description? and what is the problem when you save 5 Smurf Accounts on one Mobile Number? If you have a Griefing Ban then you become on all Accounts this BAN!


Are all accounts linked to the same phone number affected by VAC and game bans?

If the account associated with a phone number receives a VAC or game ban, all accounts associated with the same phone number at the time of the violation will also be banned. Even if the other accounts do not own the game, they will be banned and will not be able to purchase the game in the future.

This feature is not enabled for all games and is applied at the discretion of the developer.


I wait since Sunday last week of an answer from Support but no one want to deal with it, i send the support the message from steam support as Evidence that the rambler adress that TryHardDota send me was not the first owner of this account