Gardner-White Furniture - Taylor MI and Auburn Hills

Dec 28, 2021

Angelia Ruffin — Browntown, Mi, USA

On 12/14/21 I purchased a $1221.00 (leather sofa) and decided to exchanged it for something else in the store on 12/24/21. I contacted the Manager at the Taylor location by the name of Ashley she stated because I was a few days(2) over my 7 days exchanged she couldn't honor it. So I ask for the corporate phone number in Auburn Hills and talk with a so call corporate manager by the name of O'Shay. He stated to me that he couldn't honor my exchanged as well. Like I told both managers that we all lose track of time especially by me being a police officer. So at this point I'm out of $1221.00 for a sofa that don't go with my living room. I think their policy is reckless and management should at least honor the customer especially if they just spoken to the customer a couple days prior. The manager Ashley at Taylor MI location stated "she's not responsible for calling customer back". My point of this comment is that as a manager if you knew you spoke to a customer in regards to a returned IT IS your responsibility to reach out. ITS"S CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE.