Gaura Travel Solutions - Gaura Travel Incompitent Agents

Apr 06, 2022

lokesh agnihotri-of US

We had booked a flight with Gaura Travel on 2nd feb for our flight on 1st March to fly via Sri lankan airlines but day of the travel 1st March it was a complete nightmare and Gaura Travel agents were unable to assist in any ways.

we were refused by airlines to board the flight due to confusion on Covid rules from their end whe we were completly as per the rules.

when called Gaura Travel as a distress call we were shocked to hear that though Gaura travel is based in Australia but customer service is all operated back in India and teh concerned department will be open as per 10am Indian timing that is we had to wait untill afternoon to speak to teh correct person.

Mean while speaking to our resources we were able to organise allotment of the seat in next flight and all it was required from Gaura travel was to released the allocation so its in system for checkin but it took 5 hours for Gaura Travel agents to understand the process and finally it was approved @10pm when Sri lankan airline office was closed to release the ticket and we ended up paying $2000 per person to the airline to issue us a new ticket. when applied for refund with Gaura travel they gave further surprise by saying that $800 will be processing fee out of refund so out of total $5000 we were only given $2000.

I normally don't write for anyone but i suppose this is to warn others, we book with agent so we have backup at time of despair but this agency works only to make money , they cash on opportunities, there are no ethics or policies for the company to even approach customer in need to put any efforts in resolving. They are really shame and stigma on legitamcy. So in nutshell if you want to book a flight try booking it directly at least there are not many people involved and anyways you are not gonna get any favour but a pain.