Gautrain - Service

Mar 29, 2022

Thato Collen-of Johannesburg, ZA

Good Morning

I'm really disappointed and upset by the treatment I received from one of your security guards, at Gautrain Park Station this morning. I'm a loyal customer that uses the train everyday to commute to work, I was using the train this morning, at Gautrain Park Station, incident time 10:48 am, just when I was about to board the train, will all the security that never had a problem with me from gate entrance, the escalators, to the turnstiles. There was this one of your securities with aggression, that decided to mess up my morning.

It was just when I was about to board the train in a minute, before the train leaves, he then decides to harrass me and take away my sealed food that I had to drink when I start my shift before work with medication, and he could see everything was sealed, the straw etc. and unused.

I was assigned by my Doctor to eat that type of food, since I'm on medication and cant have hard or solid food, I have a gum and dental operation/ inflammation and I spent a lot of money for that smoothie he took from me, without lack of reasoning even though I tried to explain to him, the reason why I have it, there is in no away I was gonna drink it in the train I've been using the train for years and I understand the rules.

the security guy when I was entering a train that was about to depart in a minute decided to take away my smoothie , what saddens me I tried to explain to him that I'm on Medication, he was just interested on getting rid of it.

I cant take solid food for a month, my dentist assigned me that type of food, before taking my morning medication, now I'm just infuriated and extremely offended as I have to drink my medication but your security without lack of reasoning or listening to me just took away my food, away from me even though I told him , I'm on medication.

Please get back to me, I would appreciate the feedback.


Thato [protected]