Gautrain - Bus Service

May 05, 2022

ArienRead-of Johannesburg, ZA

Gautrain bus service drivers who operate the Park Station-JHB CBD route have a horrid penchant of claiming falsely that the middle doors do not work when what appears to be the case, is that, they [drivers] do not wish to open such doors: it cannot be that on all occasions the buses have middle doors that do not work - only one or two buses would be reasonably credible.

The bus driver who drove the bus that left Park Station for the JHB CBD on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at about 11h30, menacingly claimed the middle door did not work, was in my view, lying. It's simply a case of black people being, as usual, very disrespectful toward black customers. It happens everywhere in this country, the Gautrain is no exception. You should witness the slavish alacrity with which black service folks serve white customers, my word, you would think they were likely to win the Nobel Prize for Customer Service; it's hilarious.

Anyway, the Gautrain Bus Drivers are generally very disrespectful toward customers who stand at the middle door, 'That door does not work', they would claim. Right?

If I had an alternative to the Gautrain in this cartel (oligopolistic) economy, I would take that alternative in a second. I cannot stand bad manners, which the Gautrain bus drivers have in truckloads. Thanks for nothing.