Gavigan's Furniture - Dining Room Set

Mar 26, 2022

Pam Messina-of parkville, US

Gavigans Home Furnishing

ServeCo North America (service / warranty company)

Customer #119029

Sales #671380

I purchased a dining room set with table and 6 chairs on 11/6/21.

Here I am over 4 months later and I still have 1 damaged table and 4 damaged chairs and 6 damaged replacement chair backs.

I would like to have my money of $2,298.20 refunded to me and the dining set picked up.

I have purchased a house in Florida and am moving April 30, 2022.

Below is the series of events that occurred from the time I purchased my furniture.

11/6/21 – Purchased dining room set

11/20/21 – Product was delivered. Notice and reported flaw in table.

12/8/21-John from Tri-County came out to inspect table. While he was here I also showed him 4 chairs that were damaged. He said he was going to order 4 new chairs and when they came in, he would come back out to fix the table.

1/3/22-Called ServeCo – they said that it would take 4-6 weeks from 12/15/21 to receive the chairs. At that time I informed them I found another flaw in the table. They had me take a picture and send it to them

1/26/22-Called – Michelle at ServeCo said she would follow up on the status of the chairs

2/14/22-Received voice message from Michelle at ServeCo that they are replacing the table and will call when it’s available.

3/2/22-Called ServeCo – They have no record of my chairs being ordered and they would have to have someone call me back.

3/3/22-Replacement chairs were delivered

3/7/22-Called ServeCo – Heather said she would do a work order to have someone come out to put the chairs together and someone would call me in 24-28 hours

3/9/22-Called ServeCo-Sandy said that I have to wait 24-48 business hours not 24-48 hours, for someone to call me back.

3/9/22-Received call from Deb Morris trying to schedule someone to come out 4/1/22. I told her that was unacceptable. She was going to have someone else call me.

3/11/22-Guys came to put chairs together – but they found out they were all damaged

3/16/22-Called ServeCo-Daniel said someone would follow up on replacement chairs and getting a call tag to return 2nd set of damaged chairs. Someone would call me back 3/18

3/18/22-Called ServeCo-Kay said she would ask Daniel to call me back with status

3/18/22-Called ServeCo after no return call. Sandy said a request has been put in with the representative, Michelle. She said Michelle has 24-48 hrs to follow up with the manufacturer

3/22/22-Gavigans is supposed to deliver new table top

3/22/22-Gavigan delivered new table top and it was damaged. The delivery guy called their office to inform them. I refused this delivery. The delivery guys took the table back out to the truck and them knocked on my door and handed me their cell phone. A gentlemen on the other end said that he just doesn’t understand why I keep receiving damaged furniture and that he wants his delivery guys to take my entire dining set and refund me money. I said, sure we can make arrangements to do this. He started yelling and said no – it has to be now – right then. He is not sending his guys back out another time because it would cost him $150. The entire time he was talking – he was yelling loudly, so I handed the cell phone back to the delivery guy and told him to get out of my house.

About 10 minutes later I receive a call from Gavigans with the same gentleman yelling at me. He said he is trying to fix this and will refund my money but it needs to be right now. I told him, great, lets make arrangements to do this the following week. He continues to yell at me saying that he is refusing to send me anymore replacements. He is calling ServeCo and telling them to cancel any replacements that might have order. I asked who is was. He said his name was Robert and he was the owner of the company. I asked him to stop yelling at me. I told him for the past 5 months I have been dealing with the gals over ServeCo, who are not very nice, who I have been getting the run around for months and months and not one time did I raise my voice to them. He continued to yell at me. I told him that I work out of my home and that my dining room table was my office. I would need some notice before he arranged to have the furniture picked up. He said he was done. He is not refunding my money and he is not replacing the damaged table and 4 chairs I have, he was getting into touch with ServeCo and telling them not to service me. I hung up on him.