Genesis Healthcare / - Vacation pay

Nov 30, 2021


My name is Teresa Johnson and I worked for Genesis for over 26years. I retired on October 29th with 240 hours of vacation. My anniversary date was 8/11/21 at which time I accrued 200 vacation hours. Of the 240 hours, 40 hours were carried over from [protected] as allowed by the company. Before giving my notice of retirement, I checked with HR to make sure I would be receiving some of my accrued vacation time. She said I should receive at least the vacation time carried over from the previous year. When I notified management of my retirement, I was told that I could not take any sick or vacation days during the period after I have given notice of my retirement.
When I left the Company, I did not receive the vacation pay. I have sent messages to HR to forward to the Corporate Office and they contend that they do not have to pay any vacation days. I review the PA State Regulations regarding vacation pay and it states in most cases it is not paid unless it was implied by the company. In this case, I was told that I would receive my vacation pay and therefore it was implied. In addition, if I had known otherwise I would have changed my resignation date to use the time that was available.