Global Autoshop - Door Moulding

May 06, 2022

A. Mehailia-of Stoney Creek, CA


I ordered a set of for pieces of door moulding for my 2008 Lexus ES 350.

I selected the set made supposedly in Germany. I had to pay USD 70.00 which was a higher price assuming it would be a highr quality product.

I paid $10.00 for shipping. I received the item about one week later and to my big surprise, the product was different than the one I ordered. It was a very cheap roll of moulding that can be found on hundreds of sites such as

The price on thos sites was between USD 14-16 and free shipping from China.

I contacted immediately Global Auto Shp to inform them about the issue. However, they insisted it is a product that is good looking and refused to send me a refund claiming that the product was specially cut for my car.

I do not want to waste my time listing all the lies they wrote in their email to justify their refusal of refunding me.

A. Mehailia