GOG - Unplayable Game

Jan 03, 2022

Misanthropological-of Merritt Island, United States

A game I purchased a few months back will no longer launch, despite the fact that the .exe is 'running' in task manager. The game previously ran without incident, for 25 hours over the course of a month or so--it has not been updated, nor does it require an update. This issue does not affect/crop-up with the dozen or so other games I have in my library, and despite re-installing/patching files/etc, the problem persists. The only point of contact provided by GOG is an automated chat window that was absolutely useless and provided no helpful/satisfactory solutions. I recall, some years ago, speaking with an incredibly helpful GOG employee who resolved an issue I was having, and that experience, among other considerations, is what motivated me to take my business away from STEAM and give it to GOG. Knowing that my games now run the risk of suddenly not launching, for no apparent reason, and that there is no extant recourse for resolving the issue, I'll take my business elsewhere. Suffice it to say, I'm terribly disappointed in the direction your customer service has gone, GOG.