Gold Standard Relocation - Goods Picked Up But Never Received

Feb 17, 2022

Michael49-of Buford, GA, US

I contracted with Gold Standard to pick up and move items from my father's apartment in Maine to my home in Georgia. The items were picked up by some company in New Jersey who identified themselves as "Modest Moving". They have been holding my father's property for months. They sent me multiple text messages asking for the payment for the pickup which I held up paying because they would not provide their company name. Once they did so, I sent payment. Since that time, they have not responded to any of my messages and have "ghosted" me on text messages. I've sent multiple messages asking when I might expect delivery of the items in their possession and have gotten no response whatsoever.

My latest text messages to their number were on 1/28, 2/9, 2/10 and 2/16/2022.