Goldfarb Properties - Billing Department

Apr 28, 2022

Barbara Arrowsmith-of Irvington, New Jersey, US

I have been a resident of Maple Gardens in Irvington NJ for over 29 years. At the end of July of 2021, I was contacted because for four years I was not being billed for my storage unit, a mistake by their billing department. Initially, the bill was 5,000 dollars, the next month the past-due bill grew to $6,700. I signed an agreement to pay the money back at 300 a month over my current rent bill. I made a couple of large amounts of money payments, in January of 2022, I asked for a statement of where I was in paying down the debt. I made another $2500 dollar payment with a balance of $1050. In April I asked for a balance due on the past-due storage fees- the billing department refused to give it to me. I paid my April rent in full, and halfway through the month, I noticed that the billing department added another 130.56 and 16.98 for sales tax that they supposedly did not bill me for, however, when reviewing my past billing statements the sales tax was already billed. Goldfarb Properties' lawyer and the billing department are fraudulently billing me for monies that I have already paid.