Goodman Air Conditioning And Heating Systems - Terrible product: air conditioning unit

Apr 25, 2022

chrystaldch-of US

I had a Goodman air conditioner installed. The company that installed it went out of business because the owner died of Covid. The unit has had issues just a few weeks after install. Goodman gave me the name of a company. I called and they were a huge rip off.

I turned my unit on this weekend after winter and all I get is warm air. I called Goodman. They said once the technician comes out the warranty will cover all parts because it is in warranty. He continued to state that if it is a compressor, they would replace the entire unit. This prompted me to ask who covers the cost to install the replaced unit since the original company closed due to the owner dying of Covid? Goodman representative said I would! So I have to pay for installation twice because their original unit is defective? I don’t think so! I’ll sue first! Do NOT BUY ANYTHING GOODMAN