GovDeals - Auction won, but not honored

Mar 19, 2022

Rodd01-of Powder Springs, US

I was the winning bidder of a trailer I wanted for my business. On 3-18-22 at 5:08 PM, it stated that my bid was pending based upon the seller's approval. At 5:15 PM I was congratulated as the winner. However, on 3-19-22 at 11:54 AM I received an email stating my bid has been declined. On 3-19-22 at 12:09 PM one of the online bidders is bidding on the item again. This online auction has penalties and will go after the bidder if the bidder doesn't follow through with payment. Since I was honored as the winner is there anything that I can do? Had I not received the congratulations for winning the bid. I would understand. Rules and agreements should go both ways.

GovDeals auction off items from the City, State, County, Sheriffs Office, so on and so forth. I'm sure these entities have gotten their lifetime use out of it, so let the items be sold as it should be.

For the longest I thought GovDeals was a reputable company, but with what I'm being told by others. I'm starting to believe them.