GovDeals - anti customer policies

May 12, 2022

Vengance 666-of Olympia, Washington, US

So all customers start out on level one probation. There are three levels you must go through to earn the privilege of doing business with them. They require you to pay by wire transfer which means driving to a bank and waiting for soneone to charge you $30 to pay govdeals the money you are sending them. You can get off of probation early if you send govdeals $1000 and they hold it for 2 months and say they will send it back to you. If you do this they will allow you to oay with your credit card. I just won a bid on a vehicle and after reading all the bs and about the hoops you have to jump through just to oay them I told them they can keep the car and close my accoubt

I dont do business with people that treat their customers like that.