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Feb 04, 2022

Lorena Lopez-of US

My family and I purchased a Blue brindle cane corso puppy almost a year ago from Gratitude Farms . A year later my dog goes blind and shortly after he dies in my own home . I am extremely sad the our puppy we all went to go get is no longer with us . It breaks my heart that my son now wonders where his dog is . I contacted the breeder left a voicemail about a week ago and I have not heard back from her at all . I am still mourning the loss of our family dog and this breaded can’t call me back to say anything. I actually want my refund ! Even though I won’t get our dog back she could at least call me back and let me know if there perhaps was other puppies of this breed to loose their sight and or die at such an early age . I am disappointed and wouldn’t purchase another puppy from Gratitude farms . If your dog dies you won’t get any sympathy or call back from this breeder . I rather go to Georgia or TC Cane Corso and purchase another cane corso , they physically look so much better and healthier !