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Apr 17, 2022

Americano Joe-of Asheville, US

I unfortunately purchase this before I saw the federal letter to Omega XL warning them about their fake product and their false claims! I still don't understand how they can remain in business telling lies to the consumers. I've had genuine pain for years an Advil works fine but you can't take it all the time. I gave this Omega XL crap 3 months to work, it not only didn't work it was a total waste of my money and the company kept charging me 4 months after I canceled my order. Then they overcharged me saying there was a minimum amount of 3 months I had to buy plus this and that. More than the money it's the fact that they get away with fooling people who genuinely need help. They paid these actors to get on TV commercials and tell people their product works, and while they should be ashamed of themselves apparently they're not. Some of the people who claims the product worked are also people who respond to placebos. One of my friends who ordered it and tried to warn me is a person that is confessed to responding to placebos and yet the Omega XL did nothing for him. This is the biggest ripoff and personal attack to the health and well-being of people who genuinely need pain relief. This is the same thing as selling a placebo and saying it works because that's all Omega XL is. I saw the report from American research corporation that said this is nothing but fillers and has absolutely nothing and it's ingredients that can help inflammation or anything else in the body. They described it as snake oil! So maybe the government will one day get a class action lawsuit , there would be at least a million people signing up including me.

Bottom line is to warn every single human being to not waste their money on this product because it offers you nothing except a bad taste in your mouth and your wallet.