Guideposts - Mornings With Jesus

Nov 23, 2021

Mary Giannetti — Leland, North Carolina, USA

I subscribe to Mornings With Jesus and had renewed before the end of my subscription term. I was not informed at that time that I would not be receiving the November/December 2021 issue. I called Customer Service the second week of November and at that time I was also NOT informed that I would not receive my subscription renewal until January 2022. I just placed a second call today where I was informed that my subscription starts in January 2022. I paid for my renewal in October. I do not have a product. I am every disappointed and mislead. Why didn't the first 2 representatives that I had spoken with inform me that a renewal of my subscription wouldn't commence until the next year? In fact, when I spoke to the representative the second week of November she advised that I call back if I do not receive my magazine within the next week. With all that is going on, is it too much to ask that a magazine I depend on, look forward to reading each day, and paid for be sent to me?

I subscribed to another magazine in October while renewing Mornings With Jesus and was able to receive that issue for November/December. I don't understand why this happened.