Guideposts - Billing for a book I already paid for

May 17, 2022

Kimberly D. Williams-of Clarkson, US

I have been a customer for probably around two years. I have been receiving the series Secrets of Wayfarers Inn and thoroughly enjoyed the books. In March of this year(2022) I received the last book of this series titled Old New Borrowed Blue. All of the books I had received had come with an invoice with the name of the book on it. I promptly paid by check with name of book in memo. When they randomly picked a new series and sent me a book I didn’t order I marked it refused and sent it back.A couple weeks later, this past Monday, I received a bill for the last book in the series which I had already paid for and it had cleared my bank, so I called to straighten out the error. My call was answered by a guy with an Indian accent I could barely understand. When I explained the problem to him he said yes they had received my payment but it was used to pay for another book. I have paid for EVERY book I received from them when I received it there was no outstanding bill. This is a rip-off! Just another way to scam people out of more money because I didn’t continue to receive their books.