Gutter Helmet - Gutter helmet warranty

Mar 01, 2022

Ryan Cool-of Elk River, US

We had gutter helmet installed on our house a few years ago. Yesterday they came out to remove them, as we are putting new siding and facia on. The guys came out for not even 2 hours and were done. Now part of the reason we decided to go with gutter helmet was we were told by our salesman they come out to take it off for any exterior work at no cost (part of the warranty). We have had to replace our roof multiple times due to storm damage prior to getting gutter helmet so this made sense as it was so expensive to begin with. But no, over $900 for less than 2 hours of work they give you some b.s. about footage and a service fee. I can understand the service fee which I would be ok with. No mention of this either while setting up the removal. My wife got a call about where to send the invoice. I thought with the ridiculously high price I was getting piece of mind with this product, but I got lied to instead.