GWC Warranty - Denied auto repair claim

Apr 10, 2022

Cynthia Yaw-of US

I bought gwc auto repair insurance so my car breaks down on the freeway but it started back up and got me home it drove fine for another 2 weeks then it was running rough it backfired loud a few times and I towed it to an authorized dealer basically they wanted proof I kept up on oil changes I gave that the dealer said the timing jumped hit the Pistons and caused severe damage so the guardian warranty wanted to know why it did this and the next thing I know the dealer says they are paying for a radiator but not the rest of the claim which I guess it needed a new motor they said there was to much damage well I don't know why it was damaged so bad but I towed it in when it wasn't running right so basically I lost my car because I couldn't pay 13,420.00 dollars for repairs that's why I bought coverage I have told many people do not use this company it's a rip off I'm disabled bought a nice car to get to all my doctors and now I have nothing