H20 Wireless - Service

Mar 21, 2022

wayne juanito-of US

Called H20 on Monday 14th of mar 22 about 830 made contact a little after 9.

While talking to the associate his attitude got to me. I held my composure because I wasn't disrespectful to this guy. If I asked a question it was answered with attitude It came to a point when I couldn't take it anymore and I asked him if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, he asked me what I meant. I said your attitude is bad, next thing I know he hung up.

On Saturday the 19th between 5 and 6 pm I called to get my phone issues resolved. After I got it fixed I asked to speak to a supervisor about the Mon issue, the associate told me why file a complaint since I got my phone issue resolved. I said it isn't about the phone being fixed it's about the poor and disrespectful service that associate gave me on Monday. She seemed hesitant to call a supervisor but after my insisting she called someone. I didn't know whether they were truly a supervisor or not. l asked for their name and id # he told me he had none next thing I know there was no one on the line. I have been a customer of H20 for over 10 years and I have never been so disrespected. I have 3 phones on this account and I am about to cancel it due to the associate and so called supervisor for their disrespect. If it helps any they were Spanish speaking employees