H20 Wireless - Refund for a phone purchased from H2O

Apr 13, 2022

shweta shahi-of US

This is the worst return I have ever experienced. First I didn't get the right phone, when I tried to return, I didn't receive a return label for more than two weeks. I had to call the customer service several time just to request the label. Now when I have returned it for more than two months, I have not received my refund yet. I have again called the customer service several time. The customer service is the worst both on chat and on phone. Some time the call is just disconnected after giving all the information and same is with the chat. The customer service says the issue will be resolved in such and such day but it never does. When I call back, it is the same process over and over. I have a refund on $900 due on my account. Had to pay the interest for purchase on my card, wasted time and energy on the customer service call. The issue is still not resolved. Where and whom should I talk to next.

I have been using H2O phone plan from 4 years, now due to this poor service, I am considering changing my phone plan too.