Hachette Partworks - Classic Routemaster

Apr 06, 2022

Darius Oosthuizen-of Karenpark Akasia, ZA

I have been trying to get the outstanding parts of the Classic Routemaster for a long time. Since CNA in South Africa stopped selling your issues we battled to get the issues from you. This was about two years ago when Covid 19 started. I did pay Hachette for a couple of issues but did not receive it for months on end, but my payment went through. I was getting worried that this was a scam and I stopped my payments and tried to get hold of you. It took months before any reply and the I received some of the issues which I had already paid for. I contacted you and mentioned which ones I did not receive but still to today did not receive at least one or more issues which I paid for. Now I contacted you again to try and get these oustanding issues they tell me that that cannot help me at all with the outstanding issues and any future issues. This means that I must chuck this bus in the dustbin and loose more than R10,000 already paid for this bus. No one is willing to help me. Is the company not prepared to help all the customers in the same position as me, and I am convinced that there are many more. This is not service. I would like to send you the e mails and replies I got from [protected]@hachette-service.com by e mail.