Hale Groves / Southern Fulfillment Services - Moldy smelly oranges

Feb 14, 2022

kristina maria-of US

I thought to try these oranges however super pricey ! I ordered 2 trays of honeybelles and 2 trays of navel. The brochure says picked to ship. No way these can mold this fast if they are picked to ship. They look like they have been rotting for a month in a dark box this definitely didn’t make quality control in 4 separate boxes and 2 types of oranges. There was a foul odor coming from the box that stunk up my entire house and contaminated it. Customer service wants me to count the oranges to refund me for just the moldy oranges . What a waste of time as I was going to give 2 boxes as a gift . I would have been horrified if I shipped these to someone special and they received rotted product . Yuck ! Dissapointed in Nevada