Hamad International Airport - Security Check

Mar 20, 2022

Ayesha4545-of Islamabad, PK

I travelled to Doha from Islamabad on the 18th March and went through the transfers security check without any issue. I spent around 10 hours at the airport and then I had to transfer to another flight and wanted to change my seats so went to the help desk located outside the transfer security check. After I got my new boarding pass I was made to walk past the security check again but, this time I was stopped. My luggage was searched and all my expensive creams and lotions were removed. These included ; Estee Lauder, The Body Shop etc. I talked to the manager/supervisor that how I have been through security already once and there was no issue, however he refused to cooperate and said " Its the fault of the guy who was here in the morning and he could lose his job" I asked him if I could transfer the creams to small plastic bag however he refused. I am so disappointed and will never travel via Doha airport again. Not to mention I have always travelled via Qatar and I am a privilege club member. Kindly contact me at: [protected]@gmail.com