Hard Rock Hotels - Rise Kitchen and Deli

Feb 14, 2022

Linette Van Niekerk-of Pretoria, ZA

I came for breakfast this morning at 5:00 AM. Because it is so early it is not busy at all.

I asked Andrew (a server on the floor) to please call me a waiter, he never bothered to ask me if he can take my order. Instead he said that he will call the waiter who's section it is. The waiter serving my table and/or section, Andrew said it was Mark. Mark never came to assist me. After 15 min I called for the manager, Brie, who took another 10 min to arrive at my table. I asked her if she is the manager and she confirmed she is. When I complained to Brie about the service, she said she is not working on the floor she said she is busy in the kitchen - doing what, I am not too sure? She never took my order and/or send me another waiter to assist me. I asked another waiter to call me the manager again and what the manager's name is, she said she does not know? I don't even know how this is possible. Because there are no other restaurants in this hotel which are open at this time of day I do not have any other options for breakfast until much later. When I looked for the manager again I found at the reception a man which said that he is the manager and that I must have spoken to Brie, the beverage manager and that she has left already. Brie decided to leave not attending to me as a, like Hard Rock Casino and Hotel say, valued customer at all. We try to come and stay here at this Hotel as a family regularly and I have to say that I can not tell you how disappointed I am of the service I received today. I eventually found the manager on duty after approximately 45 min or so, Kerven who assisted me with my order, personally. Kudos to to Kerven!

Please check and confirm the time entered in the restaurant and the waiting time for assistance.