Hard Rock Hotels - Hotel

May 17, 2022

Es505-of Lyons, US

I am disappointed that I have to write a laundry list of events to justify my complaints and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, being forced to request a refund for the nights WE did not stay at your resort is insulting. Our hands were tied, and WE had no choice but to leave after multiple occurrences. Below I will be sure to name just a few.

Just to let you know, WE were not greeted when we entered. Check-in felt like WE were in a kiosk at the mall being moved from one section to the next. Very task-oriented and impersonal. WE are on a business trip/ mini-vacation and expect to be treated accordingly.

The process provided us with little to no direction or instructions. WE felt unwelcome; it was not warm except for the temperature. They only handed us a piece of paper and shooed us on our way. When WE asked for a tour of the facility, they smirked and stated it's not a big resort; you will figure it out. Again, WE felt dismissed and unheard.

Since WE arrived before check-in, WE were forced to pay out of pocket for drinks while waiting for the room. This is a ridiculous request for paying all-inclusive guests. WE didn't even get checked in until much later, and then there was still no direction. The entire experience began with such a sour taste in my mouth.

Once in the room, the mini-fridge was not restocked. It was bare, not even three bottles of water. It took forever to get anything to our room, including the stocked minifridge, bags, wine, etc. After all this, they didn't unlock the other half of the room; maybe it wasn't ready? What a first day.

While attempting to turn lemons into lemonade and enjoy ourselves the next day, Your staff demanded I write down my complaints on a piece of paper as though my word was not good enough and no one in management could have addressed it on the previous day. I needed to take time out on the beach to work and write down things as I am now, again stating a point of the treatment within this organization and hotel in Cancun. Why couldn't your staff write down the complaint and address the issues? I verbalized it to multiple people. I am on a business trip and had specific allotted time to enjoy myself. It seems that writing down previously verbalized complaints was not a reasonable request.

Room service was capped at times. The pool service was unavailable until 11 am, and I paid overage costs as everything was extra money. I could see if the services made up for it, but to pay extra with no accommodations is absurd.

The jacuzzi did not function, and maintenance was called.

When WE notified them that WE were leaving, WE only got a call, not a visit or anything personable; the same person that tried to force me to write down complaints, which WE eventually did jot down a few things, said, "oh they didn't do anything?" I said no... At this point, I was done, and to make matters worse, WE asked for a taxi, and they put us in someone else's taxi going somewhere else... by that time, WE were happy just to be away from this horrible experience.

There are more instances, but at this point, I am drained and want to move on from this amicably and professionally. Please do what is right and professionally honorable.

WE didn't stay the additional two nights, and they should be refunded - let's not have this escalated at the end of the day. It's the principal. The service rendered was unfortunately subpar, so we were forced to depart.

Note I use WE in caps as it's my business name, trademarked, so please forgive it as it's not being used in proper terms, but again it's a trademark I use when writing. With that being said, I would like to be reimbursed for the two nights that I didn't stay at the hotel, including any additional charges. At this point, something has to be done.

Thank you

Es Gil