Harry And David - Bait and Switch

Dec 11, 2021

ArthurDent-of United States

Just placed an order of items with big "BOGO 50%" banner on them. Many items had this banner. At checkout I entered the given promo code only to get the message "promo code has expired". I started a "chat" with an agent who kept me holding for more than 30 minutes. When they came back they said the code was expired. I went back into the sight to get screenshots of the promo banners and they had all miraculously changed to "up to 20% off" banners. I told the "agent" to cancel another order I had placed just prior to trying to order the BOGO items and they said the could not do that because the order had "already been processed" and I should "chat them back" after 24 hours to see what they could do. I'm not sure where they are but they chat like Indians I have worked with in the past. Very unethical company!