Hartford Hospital - Emergency room doctors staff

Feb 27, 2022

D L-of US

I was seen at Hartford emergency room 2.27.22 the staff there mainly er doctors had zero bedside manner. I was talked to very poorly I was asked questions like they didn’t truly want to hear the answer when I would respond they would answer with “can I finish my question “ I was very much talked down to. When I stated what was going on pains and symptoms I have been having and still having it was brushed off two different doctors said word for word “my job here is to make sure you do not hurt yourself while you are here and to make sure you do not die” HORRIBLE HOSPITAL! I see a bunch of people standing around. I heard 4 calls for someone to get assistance for the bathroom! I was a risk for a fall and they let me walk to the bathroom myself numerous times. They took my blood and left a glove on the floor. Blood was on the floor. The left the rail up. Scary place to be if you need help!