- I was wrongly cancelled

Nov 22, 2021

Barry Herdt — USA

I belonged on an account serviced by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of WY. I was on an account with my wife. The insurance has paid for services rendered and prescriptions this year. We started this policy after retiring and have paid ALL copays and deductibles along with premiums. My wife changed OUR address since we moved. At this time I was put on a separate policy my self, then CANCELLED!!! MY WIFE HAS BEEN ON THE PHONE WITH A DIFFERENT PERSON EACH TIME SHE CALLS AND HAS TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE SCINERIO EACH TIME. Three weeks ago after contacting BCBS of WY, she was told that they had to receive the paperwork from and it should be about 11 days. As of today, after contacting and talking to a different person once again, I still do not have insurance. can not even answer why I was cancelled!!! Someone had to push the button to cancel me and does not seem to be held accountable. I have doctors appointments and medications that must be refilled. It was not my decision to cancel, it was theirs by mistake or otherwise. They still can not get me coverage even though my wife has submitted bills that were paid by BCBS of WY. I need help!!!