Heritage Auctions - Sports cards

Feb 21, 2022

David Wainscott-of US

Mark Jordan, Chris Ivy and Sarah Desalvo stole and damaged the most valuable cards in my collection after using the “free evaluation tool” they promote on HA.com

I can go into detail how Mark Jordan pulled off this fraud using a burner phone on what he wanted sent along with ambiguous emails.

I am sure I am not the first to be ripped off, I will be their last and final Eternal nightmare

Derek Jeter:

1993 2 UDSP Foil #279-missing

1993 Derek Jeter Fleer Excel LL Hornets 10 of 20-damaged

1994 UD Roadshow #165 3 out of 4-missing

1992 Classic KC #231 4 out of 4-missing

1992 Classic games #6 KC -damaged

1993 Topps draft pick #98 1 damaged

1994 2 signature rookies OPL #3-missing

Mickey mantle: Topps

1953 #82-damaged

1967 #150-damaged


1976 rookie Catcher’s and outfielders#594-damaged/switched

1975 #223 Robin Yount-damaged or fake

1963 Ernie Banks #380-damaged or fake

1967 Tony Perez #476-damaged or fake

1959 WS set LA Dogers #385-391-all damaged/switched or fake

1950’s Johnny Groth #171-damaged

1950’s George Witt #298-damaged

1950’s NY checklist #332 4th series-damaged/switched