Heritage Auctions - Refraining from shipping winning lots & asking for extra shipping fees AFTER receiving full payment!

Dec 17, 2021

Amine Sila-of Keserwan, Lebanon

Client ref.: 3369899

1. Winning 4 lots (auctioned banknotes) in Oct 2021.
2. We had agreed on a bulk shipment to save on shipping fees (Nov 16).
3. I confirmed to them by email my address (billing & shipping) and the shipping method & fees I opted for (Nov 17).
4. The full payment was made accordingly & they confirmed its clearance to their bank account on Nov 30 (including the fees for the bulk shipment of all 4 winning lots).
5. As per their terms, USPS (The selected shipping carrier) takes 7 to 14 days to dispatch the shipment after payment's clearance & for them to share with me the tracking reference.
6. As of today Dec 17, it's been 17 days since they confirmed receiving the full payment but the won items are still stuck in the US, and the HA team is asking me to pay additional shipping fees to release them to my shipping address & to share with me the tracking reference!!

A lot of emails have been exchanged with them since Oct. The last one was today- Dec 17 in response to their request for payment of the additional shipping fees.

I sent them an email on Dec 10 about the same subject copying all persons in charge- up to their CFO but I still didn't get any clarification from their side regarding charging me for extra shipping fees for a bulk shipment!

I've been a standard client of HA since Sept 2016 & this is the 1st time I experience these kind of issues with their team.