Hero Market - Staff (entrance) service (Staff Name Rosmidi)

Dec 24, 2021

ConcernC-of Shah Alam, Malaysia

Dear Hero Market (kota kemuning).

I'm writing a complain due to lack of manners, politeness and working ethics on a staff named Rosmidi and hope more training on customer service to be given.

I'm a regular customer at this branch and I've been loving shopping my groceries here. Today before entering the market section I dropped by at non halal to grab 2 bottles of wine for Christmas and I was stopped at the entrance of the market section of which I was told that the items to be left at the counter.

I understood and left it in the box. I then asked if there is any number for my item so I can collect the correct item back later "en, ada nombor tak untuk saya"

Rosmidi replied and not very polite way "nombor ambik sana laa" ...he wasn't wiling to explain further and said other things too but I couldn't remember much. How would I know where to take number as he was the person told me to leave the items so he would be the person that I ask for logically.

Then the guy from the non halal came to a rescue and told me to go to him. As I reach there he inform why not leave the item at his section and I went back again to the box and Rosmidi passed it to me. As I reach at the non halal I've decided not to proceed with the shopping as Rosmidi rude reply is very disgusting and disturbing. The nice guy gave a sign to just proceed but I said I don't think so as your colleague was rude. I apologise to the nice guy as I didn't mean to be upset at him.

I said I may have to write to the management and I ask what is your name and Rosmidi replied "Complain la nama saya Midi"

This is disappointing. I know Customer IS NOT always right but this is working attitude and talking impolite to customer is a No No especially when the customer wasnt rude in the first place.

I'm in a service legal line and I understand how service should be.

I really hope your good management could kindly look into it and train the staff accordingly as overall Kota Kemuning Hero Market is one of the best I've been.

Thank you
Concerned Customer