Hilton Honors Worldwide - Resorts World Las Vegas

Mar 25, 2022

R Sharma1-of US

As of 3/25/22 no turn down (room cleaning) service for the room, despite several calls to front desk/help desk. Called several times from 7 AM - 10 PM to ask for service, second time it was mentioned the "room was missed" and it would be remedied third time I was told " we are not doing any room cleaning today" interesting given that sounds it is against local ordinances, nonetheless that does not concern me, what concerns me is lack of honesty/professionalism. If I was told they are not cleaning rooms today at the beginning I would have said to myself well that sounds to be sub-standard care, but would have accepted that and just not come here again, instead several calls and out of the room for >10 hours only to hear this poor response at 10 PM

Horrible first time experience here, diamond member as well, not that that matters at all... just basics.