Holborn Assets - Outstanding Monies

May 04, 2022

Kevin Hall-of US

As an IFA acting under Holborn Assets regulatory License I provided my own clients to submit new regulated Pension Transfer Business of which generated commission of which I had a contract to receive 55% upon completion

I Also had built up a reasonable AUM income which is also payable however Holborn assets remain your to pay me

Please note that the Individuals within Holborn commission admin confirmed my clients were lost, however the administration confirmed that the provider in question has continued to pay Holborn assets my entitled AUM commission on all my clients and they were not lost.

I have emails of correspondence where no reply or acknowledgement has taken place however, details of the emails being read.

I believe Im not the first IFA who has been placed in this situation, What I would say I left due to unprofessional internal Administration, and the fact I was asked not to leave by a senior partner and again from internal head of recruitment speaks volume about my character , hence my professionalism in trying to recoup what is rightfully mine.