Holland America Line - Payment not credited

May 16, 2022

nbfitz-of La Paz, MX

I paid for an Alaska cruise in January, 2020, in full in the amount of

7670.64 for my husband and I. The booking # was CDHWDQ.

This cruise was cancelled due to Covid. I was offered a FCC at 125%

of my payment, so I re-booked for 2021. This booking # was CVXWSJ.

This cruise was also cancelled, so I re-booked in May for July, 2022. The

new booking # is XRCQGL.

In June 2020 my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers. I was hopeful

he would be well enough to travel, but this is not the case. I called Customer

Relations to let them know he would not be going, but my sister Janet L. Massa would be going instead. They did not indicate this would be a problem, except that I would lose the shipboard credits.

I received a new invoice in the amount of $4,392.50. The original $3835.32 that was my husband's half of the original payment had been removed.

In the letter I received regarding the cancellation in 2020 stated that if one was unable to use the FCC, that any money paid in full would be refunded.

I do not want a refund. I just want the $3835.32 I paid credited back to my

account, leaving a balance of $557.18 which I would be happy to pay.

Customer Relations has told me in so many words that my money is

just gone!