Home Choice Services - homechoice and finchoice accounts respectively

Mar 04, 2022

raymond mogotsi-of US

on the 03/03/2022 around 15h30 i called finchoice customer services regarding my account status because i noticed the amount i didn't know, after checking my details Olga explained to me that in order to close the account i must pay R111,84.but the next day(04/03/2022) when i inquire again in the morning the lady by the name of Thabisa then said in fact i need to pay R297,01 because end of february they debited less than the instalment with a shortfall of R100 and an interest that was supposed to be added in december.

my quiry is that why did they debit less than the instalment agreed and why was the interest not added in the first place because the account was supposed to be paid up end of february?this is why most people don't finish paying their accounts because same thing happened with their homechoice account their debit order system was not working for three months and they did not bother to inform their clients so now we have to pay the interest of their own mistakes.