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Feb 16, 2022

Noel Grafton-of US

Hello Everyone this below is an issue with Hop2 that my friend who booked a flight with them in the USA has with them.

She booked a flight from LA to Perth, Western Australia on the 14th February 2020. The flight was cancelled due to Covid. She has spent the last 2 years trying to get a credit back from HOP2.

No one rings her back. No one will return her emails.

This company are total Scammers. The replies that I have had are unbelievable.

They think we are all stupid!

Surely there is a government department in the USA that deals with these types of online scammers?

I live in Australia and am an Australian citizen born and bred. As below I have rung VA 4 days in a row and it only takes HOP2 1 email or a phone call to solve this issue. How hard is that!?

I feel so sorry for all the people that have lost money with this company.

As below I have called Virgin Australia for the last 4 days and still no authorisation from HOP2 to get a credit back. I really hate scammers and feel really sorry for my friend. Can we start a group with our grievances on here?

Hi Jerry

Thanks for your reply.

I have just finished talking to VA for the fourth day in a row.

They still have not received a proper authorisation.

They advised me they had a non formal email which does not help anyone.

I escalated this to senior supervisors who contacted the VA Industry Support section.

While they investigated this issue I was on hold for over an hour.

They advised me that you need to send a proper authorisation to the VA Industry Support.

Or all you have to do is phone the VA Industry Support centre to sort this out. I mean how hard is that!?

As to your last email to me I feel I am banging my head up against a wall here.

This is some of the responses from emails to myself and Denise from you and Hop2--

Hop2 Jerry:

Unfortunately, CC'ing customers into internal communications between entities is forbidden by both parties. It's an internal protocol that cannot be violated.

Fact after calling Virgin: VA advised me to request the copy so I could follow up on your email request to save time? Also they said they have no problem regarding CC’ing emails.

Hop2 Jerry:

Please note we are unable to speed up the process, now it's within the VA's actions to process our request.

Fact after calling Virgin: As I said previously they have NO proper authorisation from you.

Hop2 Jerry:

They have total control of the reservation and it's within their ability to process the refund from their side without any merchant's permission.

From our side, the processing is impossible. The only way to have the ticket refunded is by the airline, hence the submission of the refund request on VA's platform, as advised by the VA agent per se. 

What else is considered an authorization if not our refund request on their platform? Especially considering that our airline communication team had a word with the airline representative.

Fact after calling Virgin: Denise does not want a refund just for you to authorise VA to give her a credit. They do not have total control over the reservation? They have a proper authorisation process which they said you would know about also you would know their VA Industry Support phone number.

So Jerry they do not have a problem with you sending me a copy of the request for a proper authorisation from HOP2 and for you to state that:

“This is the fourth similar case with VA this month, who claims the agency didn't submit any query.”

You are trying to blame VA for this problem? The problem is with your company so please do not treat me as if I am an Idiot ! You know what you have to do ….

This issue could be over within one day. So please try and help Denise.


Noel Grafton