Hotpoint / GE Appliances - Washing Machine/Very Nasty, Racist Service Engineer

Feb 13, 2022

N. Riaz-of ROMFORD, GB

We've had numerous Engineers come and go from Hotpoint (Whirlpool) to our home like guests coming and going, due to our washing machine developing an issue, -Machine is just over 18 months old, and namely; does not wash properly and clothes come out smelling worse than they went in the wash. We complaint to "D & G" (Domestic & General) who we insured our products with. They have been sending Whirlpool Engineers ten to dozen, and nothing. Last Engineer (who has been to us previously too) came and was suppose to fix the PCB board etc...dispenser parts this was ordered by the Engineer who came before this Engineer. When my dear Wife opened the door, the first thing he said was "You know I'm not going to fix anything, as there is nothing wrong with your machine?" My wife was not sure what he was talking about, as I deal with all these types of queries. Having chatted to him for around 20-25mins it transpires that he had the parts which were ordered by previous Engineer but did not want to fit them. I enquired as to why not? he said the other Engineer was lying to you (us) and just ordered the parts to keep us happy? I was horrified at his comments, calling his own fellow colleague a liar? Just before this he made the derogatory remarks, as follows: 1) You maybe using a wrong detergent 2) you maybe using wrong conditioner 3) Only "STUPID" people over load their machine, I have it all here on computer, my wife by now was over whelmed and left the kitchen area crying, I told him he was demeaning and upsetting me and my wife, and his reply was, "you are not listening to what I am saying to you both". I kept my cool, until he said 5) It must be the way YOU LOT wash your clothes. This was the last straw, I got very angry and told him to leave immediately, as this was a damn right "Racist" comment of the lowest degree, to which he replied I will get you black-listed, see how you like it and love and behold "Hotpoint" sent us a letter that we will no longer be serviced and are "black-listed" permanently without even approaching us for our side of the story. As the saying goes, each coin has two sides, no , no, not with Hotpoint, they have ZERO policies in place for customers who pay their bills. Lastly I would like to emphasise that people like him and companies like Whirlpool give an edge and promote hatred and are OK with Racists working for them. In my opinion these type of people have no place in society who knowingly, persecute and demean people from different race and creed. I am very upset even writing these kind of things, as I personally have never encountered such vile hatred in people. Shame on you Hotpoint (Whirlpool.) You should not exist, close shop "permanently" please and learn manners.