House & Home South Africa - Customer service from manager Ellanor

Nov 29, 2021

tshidirose94 — Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

bought a Samsung microwave on sale on the 13th of ctober 2021 and I was told that it was not available in store and that it was at the warehouse and it would be available in two weeks time

Two weeks later I got a call from the sales agent who sold me the microwave, apologising that they still didn't have it in store and I want at least give them another two weeks, I agreed then gave them another chance.

4 weeks later I went to the store to collect my microwave as promised, unfortunately the sales agent was off that day, so I spoke to the manager by the name of Ellanor, who seemed so uninterested in assisting me so I asked for my refund as it was a week before black Friday, so I thought I could use the money to another microwave on special else where.

The weekend past so does the black Friday weekend and I still hadn't received any call regarding my refund so I thought maybe they were able to get the microwave, as that was our arrangement that it's either I get the microwave or my refund before the black Friday.

Fast forward to today I call and the same Ellanor has forgotten about me and she is very rude she is saying that if I want my microwave I must wait for January or I can come collect my refund, and she refuses to speak to me directly, which I can see it's a race issue but I will let that go. She said to me it's not her fault, it's Samsung's. Which I don't know how because I purchased the product from House and Home

Now My issue is the service I got from House and Home representatives is absurd and very alarming that even today black people are being treated poorly even when we support big business ????????????????????????????