House Of Fraser - Bobbi Brown Blush

Mar 26, 2022

Julide-of GRAYS/ ESSEX, GB

My daughter went to Lakeside shopping centre in West Thurrock on 25/03/22. She bought Bobbi Brown Blush for the Mother's Day. When she came home and show me the product it was saying powder. I told her that is the wrong product . We went next day to exchange the product . First the old lady(Maxian) told me that she doesn't work here. When we explained the issue. but said she can't help than I said to her I know you told me that you don't work here, so can I speak to the manager please . She told me she is the manager! (her name is Maxian) was shocked. A manager doesn't want to help to the customer saying " I don't work here"

She called her colleague(Roberta) she was sided with her without listening.

Also calling me "darling". My daughter was so disappointed! her 2 weeks pocket money went in the bin. What a horrible customer service!. I will stay away from House of Fraser.